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‘Brion James’, guitarist, vocalist and composer in ‘Dan Reed Network’ is releasing his third solo album entitled ‘HEAL’ on Zero One Entertainment! ‘Heal’ is a collection of 10 new infectious love songs composed, produced and performed entirely by Mr. James, and highlights his immense talent as an instrumentalist and his gift at creating catchy melodies and lyrics that stay with you long after hearing them for the first time. This is a funky pop/soul album with a few tasty country flavors that appear throughout, created by an artist who has composed and produced hit tracks for many R&B artists for over three decades. In a world divided by politics and social conflict this is an album that allows the listener to take a break from the chaos of the world, sit back, and be reminded of what it is that holds us all together… Joy, passion and the comfort of love and companionship. Brion James’ new album ‘Heal’ lives up to its title and during these challenging times it’s just what the doctor ordered.

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